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Summer vacation.gif


  'Spacing out'


《好高,好凉,好好玩》61 X 91 CM布面油彩 .jpg


 ‘So high, so cold, so funny’



 ‘Sunshine in the morning’


《心之所见1》46 X 61cm.jpg

See with your heart

Wehatfield animated.gif
See with your heart-animated.gif

It might take only a few seconds for you to see or notice a special scene. However, it keeps incubating in your memory your whole life. The incubation is similar to dreaming, no matter how realistic your dream is, it always fades away quickly with only emotional feelings left. After all, the actual image in your memory slowly turns into a blurry picture with colors that are so unreal, but your emotion connects to it is so strong and real. 

These paintings are depicting the special scenes that have been blurred by time and filtered with emotions. To present this unrealistic picture, Jean used colors with higher purity and lowered the contrast, also She removed the redundant strokes in the meantime. This is what you see with your heart, but your eyes.

See with your heart2.gif
see with your heart 3.gif
‘Let' s hang out together 3’-20X10in.jpg

Let' s hang out together 


Now you can't see me

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